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  Total Beauty

  Cheer Football

  Progene Healthcare, Inc.

  P&G Navigator

  Stanley Bostitch

CASE 1:  TotalBeauty meets Home Shopping Network:

Background: Home Shopping Network (HSN) is a $3 billion interactive multi-channel retailer, best known for their 24/7 shopping broadcast channel. is a leading online resource for unbiased and comprehensive product reviews and beauty advice. Proxi, is a marketing support agency and had been previously engaged by TotalBeauty to design, assemble and fulfill the TotalBeauty Collection -- a monthly program, each featuring a different combination of beauty items handpicked by TotalBeauty editors.

Challenge: HSN carries premium brands at competitive prices, but the company wanted to expand their beauty business through a sampling program with new audiences. TotalBeauty had a substantial customer reach in the beauty market, but wanted to expand into a new demographic of discerning shoppers with their sampling program.

Strategy: When HSN and TotalBeauty teamed up to create a powerhouse sample kit of HSN beauty products, Proxi was brought in to support the program in several areas: design a distinctive TotalBeauty product box that combined appeal and function, coordinate and manage the production of required materials and, finally, fulfill a multi-truckload order under compressed timelines. Proxi's warehouse provided expert assemblage of the 8 product set, storing the packed inventory and shipping the order on time for the special show that HSN set up to market the unique collection.

Results: HSN hosted a program called, "24 Hours of Total Beauty Confidence" and sold an unprecedented number of TotalBeauty boxes in one day, all to rave reviews -- a huge success for HSN. As a result, TotalBeauty increased their brand awareness and customer base. Proxi received commendations for its multiple roles in the seamless execution of the project and on-time delivery per HSN's stringent requirements. The HSN/TotalBeauty combination was a big win for all three companies. Today, Proxi continues to create, assemble, pack and ship a line of TotalBeauty health and beauty products.

CASE 2:   Cheer Football (A Marriage of Consumer Packaged Goods with Computer Games)

Background: Cheer, one of P&G's detergent brands, was repositioning itself to speak to a younger, college crowd. The targeted demographic also associated with NCAA football.

Challenge: Although the lead advertising agency was able to identify several promotional concepts to reach the new consumer demographic, limited budgets precluded any higher-value items.

Strategy: Proxi was brought in to help develop a plan and manage the project. We identified other promotional items that spoke to this demographic which could be easily distributed, were lower in cost, and which provided significantly higher perceived value.

Results: The client's goal was achieved by:

1) Proxi's concept for the distribution of a full version NCAA affiliated football video game created by Electronic Arts (EA), a leading provider of software games.

2) Proxi's ablility to negotiate an exclusive contract within the limited budgets initially allocated by Cheer, and our handling of the national licensing for the program.

3) Cheer was now able to provide a significantly higher-value item for distribution with their rebranding campaign. Over half a million copies were made for in-store distribution and a newsprint campaign circulated to over 52 million households.

CASE 3:   Progene Healthcare (A solution for total confidence)

Background: Progene Healthcare was seeking to better capitalize on the $1.4 billion dollar testosterone supplement market.

Challenge: Progene wanted to decrease their direct marketing costs by going online, but lacked web based marketing experience.

Strategy: Proxi helped identify the specific development needs of the company and developed a growth strategy for incrementally deploying web based solutions from front-end website development to back-end payment gateway, order processing and fulfillment, and consumer management.

Result: Progene saw a dramatic increase in sales and revenue combined with the lower costs associated with web based marketing and consumer management. Proxi continues to work with Progene on conventional market positioning, packaging solutions and cost effective supply sourcing. Currently, Proxi is developing Progene's customer service management software to better handle points of contact by their CSRs.

CASE 4:   P&G Navigator (Project Management & IT Architecture)

Background: P&G was developing an internal site to handle new interactive projects and had engaged 6 different IT agencies to help in the development of the various sites and related projects.

Challenge: With so many agencies involved on a common project, a "survivor" mentality and culture quickly took root. As the sense of competition increased for what was perceived to be a single contract, communications and co-operation decreased and the project began to falter.

Strategy: Proxi drew on its multidisciplinary capabilities in marketing communications, business management, and software development/technology to help re-align the project, coordinate the disparate resources and facilitate the roles of each agency.

Results: With our knowledge and experience in each of the participating agencies' fields of experience, we were able to cut through the miscommunications and decrease the "singular" mind set of each agency. As a result, Proxi created a more cooperative atmosphere, maximizing the skill sets of each group and expediting the completion of the project.

CASE 5:   Stanley Bostitch (Building Market Share in a Down Market)

Background: Stanley Bostitch was seeking to streamline their marketing efforts and increase sales in a down market. There was a need for a more efficient means of communication between each individual dealer and their customers to alert them of promotional events and increase traffic in stores.

Challenge: With a down market, Bostitch sought first to increase customer traffic and sales. As an added conflict, Stanley Bostitch was looking to reinforce their brand equity to defend against new low price imports. A need to reinvent the communications path to the customer became a top priority.

Strategy: Proxi helped to create and implement a communications program from the dealer to their customers. Proxi established a collaborative between Bostitch and their select channel partners to build, maintain, and strategically utilize a comprehensive database of key End Users, to whom the "collaborative" could effectively and quickly deliver promotional and branding communications to build loyalty towards, and grow sales for, the channel partners. Proxi facilitated the confidentiality of the database, and the development and delivery of messaging via voice, fax, text, and email to all end-users. Proxi also provided a safe-harbor for the utilization of dealer data without disclosure back to Stanley-Bostitch.

Results: 64% of the dealer's database was reached an average of 3 times, for a full 30 seconds. Stanley Bostitch experienced a 67% sales lift at participating dealers. By contrast, other dealers saw a decrease in sales of -5% to -25%. The dealers have committed to a 10% increase in manufacturer's business. Stanley Bostitch continues to utilize the Proxi marketing process to keep in contact with their customers, drive attendance at stores and increase sales.

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