"Proxi is your one-stop shop to better utilize, optimize and monetize your existing resources"

Michael Lee, Founder

From the big names of today to the up-and-coming brands of tomorrow

Proxi provides B2B and B2C fulfillment, warehousing and distribution resources to numerous clients in the US, including partnerships with HSN, Total Beauty, CoEd Supply, and Progene Healthcare.

Proxi's main warehouse in Cincinnati, OH is a highly strategic location - Amazon, eBay, Nordstroms, and other major retailers have distribution centers nearby. Not only are we centrally located in the US (reaching 60% of the US population within 2 day ship times), but we have a close working relationship with the USPS central hub less than a mile away. For our clients, this means we ship 6 days a week, including all holidays! We also have specialized accounts with UPS and FedEx, as well as Truckload and LTL services, allowing clients to select an option that works best for them.

Fulfillment is extremely time sensitive and requires that goods be delivered to the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. Proxi will ship your products to your retail partners on time and help you avoid costly chargebacks resulting from incorrect processing of orders. We have many in-house capabilities and an extensive network of vendors which allow us quick turnaround with custom projects and extraordinary flexibility in the manufacturing process, yielding excellent execution of complicated packouts.

Complete List of Related Services:

Brand Development

Through our strategic approach to marketing we help you...

Reach the Right Customer, with the Right Message, at the Right Time!

  Acheive brand consistency

  Reinforce brand name at all points of customer contact

Customized Package, Collateral and Label Design and Production

  Packaging design

  Meeting carrier requirements

  Minimizing damage during shipping

Pick, Pack and Ship & Bulk Kitting

  Drop shipping pick pack orders from inventory

  Assembling kits for large scale and per order fulfillment

Order Fulfillment and E-Commerce Integration

Technology increases efficiency. Our in-house developers create solutions that support your fulfillment objectives in a cost effective manner.

  Front end web portals

  Inventory management

  Database-driven applications

  Automated returns processing

Transportation Logistics

  Reaching over 60% of the US Population within a 600mi radius (1-3 day transit)

  Providing a favorable tax environment (Ohio does not tax product inventories)

  And geographic location not prone to natural hazards like flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Promotional Mailings

  Optimizing mailing for lower shipping costs

  Assembling and sending bulk mailing materials

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