From the big names of today to the up-and-coming brands of tomorrow

We're here to help you answer the question,

"How can we do more with less?"

Proxi Market Solutions carves a new edge in Brand Management.

The difference is our multidisciplinary approach, which integrates marketing strategy, business development, and IT solutions.

From our three dimensional vantage point, we identify overlooked or underutilized assets and then use them to improve your interaction with external points of contact, from customers to companies.

As a result, we help grow your business within your fixed budget—so you can do more, with less.

Proxi's Push-Pull Model
for identifying opportunities
within your value chain.

From Manufacturing to Package Design to Fulfillment, we deliver new success in every category. Click below to see solutions we've created for others.

We seek first to understand your goals. By supporting your objectives with marketing strategy, business development and IT, we provide you with market-driven advantages and insights into new opportunities.

Unlock new opportunities with in-store market research environments.

By better understanding the needs of your Customers, imagine what you could discover at the Point-of-Purchase. Through the use of new, non-intrusive, mobile video technology, we can provide you in-market settings to conduct your market research or packaging studies. With a national network of participating retailers, you can choose the city and store category to optimize your insights through this unique study environment.

Go to Market!

Proxi's logistics and fulfillment services allow you to go to market fasterand at a lower cost. Assuming you have the other components of your strategy and execution complete, Proxi's centrally located, product fulfillment warehouse in Ohio can help you in the last mile of bringing your products to market.