Our advisors have a single goal in mind—to help you succeed.

As our name implies, Proxi operates as your "proxy" to solutions and success.

Our brand management advisors specialize in strategic marketing, business development, and IT solutions. We help you identify opportunities, develop plans, and execute strategies that lead to the growth of your company, department, or brand.

Founded from the "dot com era," the original Proxi team was brought together by Procter & Gamble to advise them on an interactive initiative. Our team drew on its group background in marketing, business management and interactive technologies to provide unique directional insight in supervising the project and coordinating the roles and responsibilities of various participating agencies for P&G.

Since then, Proxi has expanded its program to assist other brands, departments, and companies (both small & large) with the implementation of industry-driven best practices.

  With primary operations in Cincinnati, Ohio, we also have a location in Los Angeles, CA: