"Proxi is your one-stop shop to better utilize, optimize and monetize your existing resources"

Michael Lee, Founder

From the big names of today to the up-and-coming brands of tomorrow

We are an agency of specialists, solution providers motivated by your successes. The Driving Philosophy of our team is to deliver results with a business focus. If that's what you're looking for, we'd like to be part of that process… and your silent partner in your achievements.

By integrating business development, marketing strategy and IT solutions, we help you do more with less. Our focus is on improving your interaction with your external points of contact, from customers to companies. We strengthen these relationships or build new ones, by helping you deliver the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time.

To help successfully manage a brand, we specialize in the following disciplines:

Marketing Strategies

Through our strategic approach to marketing we help you...

Reach the Right Customer, with the Right Message, at the Right Time!

  Cross cultural positioning

  Strategy Development

  In-Context shopper studies with specialized environments

Business Development

By identifying your underutilized assets—internal and external—we help you grow your business within your budget

  Content licensing

  Inter-product and inter-brand alliances

  Co-marketing and cross-promotional campaigns

IT Solutions

Technology increases efficiency. Our in-house developers create solutions that support your business and marketing objectives in a cost effective manner.

  Front end web applications (live chat, customer portals, etc)

  eCommerce transactional solutions

  Database-driven applications (dynamic site content, CRM, email communications, etc.)

  Mobile Applications & Mobile Marketing

Unique Research Facilities

Normal study conference rooms are good, but when it comes to the point-of-purchase, does a sterile office actually engage a consumer in the purchasing mind set?

Achieve more realistic, consumer behavior / responses when studies are conducted "In-Context".

Ranging from outdoor, experiential environments to a more traditional retail store, we provide a network of real-world locations where studies can be conducted to learn more about consumer use, behavior, and interaction with your product.

Through the use of innovative technology, we bring the study facility in-field to reflect more of what really happens at the "moment of truth".

  National network of retail store locations

  Smaller high-frequency stores to large retailers

  Specialty environments like museums, parks, construction sites, etc.

Fulfillment, Warehouse & Logistics

In addition to the CPG marketing support services above, Proxi can also help you In the last mile of getting your products to market. Proxi's warehouse and fulfillment operations can decrease both the time to market and the costs associated with logistics management.

Utilizing all primary carriers as well as LTL carriers for shipments to retailer distribution centers, Proxi specializes in Direct-to-Consumer and DR fulfillment. With thousands of shipments scheduled each week, Proxi's fulfillment team leverages the strength of our IT solutions to automate and expedite your product's deliveries.

Centrally locatedin the US, Proxi's warehouse facilities help save you time and cost, while reducing risk by:

  Reaching over 60% of the US Population within a 600mi radius (1-3 day transit)

  Providing a favorable tax environment (Ohio does not tax product inventories)

  And geographic location not prone to natural hazards like flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Those who have worked with us previously, started with the following questions...

  Do you think your business or department could grow more?

  Are you expected to grow your department next fiscal—but with the same budget as last fiscal?

  Does your department deserve a bigger budget or are you seeking investment funding?

  Do you need to reconnect with your customers or develop relationships with new ones?

  Are you looking for new solutions for creating greater brand recall?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes," we'd like to help, so contact us today!